The end is near. After an amazing run that has lasted almost seven years we've decided to call it a day. There is no drama or anything, we've just decided that we've accomplished more than we ever thought we would and it's time to move on to new things. The A389 Anniversary show at Sonar in Baltimore, MD will be our final performance. We couldn't imagine a better way to go out than to spend it with such great bands and friends. It'll be bittersweet for sure, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We wish we could thank everyone that has supported us along the way, but that list would be way too long. However, special thanks are due to Will at Chainsaw Safety, Jake and Tre at Deathwish, Masashi/WD Sounds, everyone in Frightener, Joe/This Is Hardcore, Samsterdam, Martijn/Stronger Booking, Tomas/Nomads of Prague, Rienk Wezus, Zeger Verbeke, Jeff Beckman, Linas Garcys, John Patrick (RIP), David Manganaro, Lee Verzosa, and everyone else that gave us their artwork, booked a show for us, let us sleep on their floor, provided us with a meal, or just came and hung out with us. These are seven years we'll never forget.
See ya on January 21st.

Our trip to Iceland was a blast. Thanks so much to Thor and Julia for being such gracious hosts and showing us a great time. Thanks also to all the bands we played with and especially to those people that came to every show and hung out with us before and after. We really had an amazing time and we hope to get to do it again some time.

The line-ups for Dom's birthday bash weekend are all final and tickets are going fast so make sure you get on it. On Friday you get the legendary Canadian metal god Thor with Pulling Teeth as his backing band headlining the show along with the return of the Slumlords and appearances from No Redeeming Social Value and Deathammer (featuring members of Oak and Medic). On Saturday: The Show That Ends the World, featuring Integrity, Ringworm, Gehenna, Starkweather, Pulling Teeth, Vegas, and Seraphim. This one will be a show for the history books so don't miss out.

We've just been added to the Ottobar's "Valentine's Day Moshacre" along with Strike Anywhere, Blacklisted, and Ruiner. Bring your special sweetheart out for a good time.

That'll be our last show for a while as we're settling down to focus on writing for the next record, so don't miss out. See ya there. - Mike

Just got back from The Fest in Gainesville and ready to air myself out for a while. Why that many idiots smoke and think it's cool to do so in cramped public spaces remains a mystery to me. Smoking is killing you and me in a very miserable fashion. Please stop. Thanks. We had a blast at our set at 1982 on Saturday. Thanks a lot to everyone that sweated it out with us. It was a great way to spend Halloween afternoon. Big thanks to Litany For the Whale for swapping with us so I didn't have to miss Snuff. They were one of my favorite sets of the whole fest. Sorry to everyone that was stuck in line and couldn't get in. Hopefully we'll get to play a bigger space if we have the honor of playing again in the future. We'll be spending the next two weeks gearing up for our trip to Iceland. Can't wait! If you haven't already heard, Dom has organized himself one hell of a birthday show. Start making your plans for a trip to Baltimore in early January...

Friday, January 8th @ Sonar, Baltimore, MD
Thor (Canadian heavy metal legend w/PT as his backing band)
Vincent Black Shadow
more TBA

Saturday, January 9th @ Sonar, Baltimore, MD
Pulling Teeth

Get psyched. See ya there! - Mike

Finally working on the site. Not many of the links work yet but it'll happen in the near future. Hopefully it'll end up nicer than the MySpace page. There's a big gap in the past shows list from the time before we created a MySpace page, between Dec 11th, 2005 - Aug 26th, 2006. If anyone has any flyers or knows of any shows we played in that gap, please get in touch at mikeriley131@gmail.com. Thanks. Over the coming weeks we'll be adding a gallery of all our shirt designs and then eventually one featuring all the sweet flyers we have copies of. If you can help out in the flyer department, please get in touch at the email address listed above.

In upcoming shows news, we're playing the Fest in Gainesville, FL this weekend (Halloween!). Come see us play at 1982 on Saturday. We'll have a new t-shirt design that rips. Reminds me of something Ghoul would put together. A week and a half after that we head to Iceland for a weekend of shows and sightseeing. ICELAND! We'll have a new longsleeve and a new hoodie for that trip. Vikings! - Mike

This band is done. Thanks for all the amazing memories.